On schedule

Posted on: 01 Dec 2008

Only 4 miles, but it was my Reading Half Marathon week 1 target and i did it. Hooray.

I cant believe just how unfit I've managed to become over the past few months. It was only 8 months since I ran a half marathon  in under two hours, and much less than that since walking 100kms all in one go for the trailwalker - not to mention numerous 30-40 mile walks in the months leading up to it. Nevertheless I have managed to loads of weight back on and can barely run for much more than a mile without having a breather. Oh yeah! I forgot, it must have been all that eating and drinking over the summer/autumn. Derrr.

Never mind - I'm back in the groove again and looking forward(?) to a couple of miles tomorrow night.

Adios amigos


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