On track...

Posted on: 12 Jan 2012

Well, back again for a quick catch-up posting - for what it's worth!

I'm pleased to report that my calf injuries are keeping quiet for now, and that I'm back on schedule for my revised Brighton/London training plan. Two 6 milers on Monday and last night means just a 10 mile LSR left for the week-end will finish the week off. I'm slow, but all i want to do is to be able to get round this time :-)
I'm also pleased to report that I've shed 7lbs in weight since Jan 1st, although I'm getting a tad fed up with salads and graze boxes :-)

Keeping to my LSR schedule is key to me being anywhere near fit enough to complete either/both of the races, so I'm not bothering with speed or 'fartingleek' sessions. There are a few busy week-ends ahead travelling and fitting in my wife's own running plans, so let's hope I can manage to stay on track, as it were.....

'Er indoors is doing the Gloucester Marathon a week Sunday, then the London Ultra 50k three weeks after that. I hate it when she says the Gloucester Marathon is JUST a training run!!! LOL!

Time to do some work... hasta luego.

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