Posted on: 20 Apr 2008

Well i am well over the marathon and in hard training for first triathlon in 3 weeks,today i biked 31.5 mile in the morning picked an ok route as didnt want my ride to be hilly as legs still not 100% so time out biking was 1 hour 57 mins pace was just over 16 mph a good easy training pace, heart rate was 126 bpm,after the ride i took the wife and son out and returned in afternoon for next session 5 miler time out running 38.22 mins pace 7.42 min/mile heart rate 152 bpm so a good days training in the bank, on late shift at work this week so am going to fit a swim in first thing tomorrow,swimming is the weakest sport for me so i cant afford to do less than 2 swim sessions a week so i can move on to being confident enough for a 1.2 mile open water swim as i intend doing a half iron man event in july hope the uk weather picks up to get some open water swim training in soon.


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