I've been EXPO'd!

Posted on: 19 Apr 2012

I went along to the Expo today and it was really fun! I got all my race days bits and bobs, had some pasta at the 'party' (I think they need to look up the definition of a party, haha), and had a good mooch around the stands.

I loved the 'marathon' music as you walk in, caused a lump in my throat! And some of the speakers were good, too, I got a bit emotional thinking about how I will feel as I cross the finish line - and I WILL cross the finish line, one way or another. I am still coughing so off to the docs AGAIN tomorrow :-(

Happy final run in folks - see you Sunday I'll be in pen 9 (right at the back then, haha!!) at the red start ;-)

I've been EXPO'd!


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