The good and the bad ...

Posted on: 02 Nov 2011

Had a good long (still short but getting a bit longer) steady run at the weekend. Took some sports drink with me and had some once I got to about 50-60 mins and think it helped, yey!

I set off for a shorter run on Tuesday but had horrible stabbing pains through my left ankle. I had to give up and hobble home after about 1/2 km. Big bloody boo.

It was no better today so thought I had better get it checked out. GP reckons my ligament has over-stretched a bit and I need to tone down my running in favour of cycling for a week or so. So, I am off out for a bike ride in the morning.

Here's hoping I have ligaments that fix quickly and I can get back to running - well, jogging, lets be honest ;-)

Happy training all,



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