Pass The Kleenex!

Posted on: 07 Jun 2007

I've been a bit lazy this week, so I arrive home from work with big plans to improve my running.

Firstly I have found running in heat tough - my solution to set off earlier rather than wait till 8pm. Secondly I want to improve my stamina - what better than hills?

And I have no shortage of hills - so I get straight in, change into my gear & off I go. For the first time ever I leave the door & turn right, uphill for the first tiime ever, avoiding the safe comfort of my nice flat canalside routes. The first 2.5k are predominantly uphill - & I think I can probably safely call these hills without argument.

I think I am pacing myself, aiming for 7 minutes a kilometre, though with hindsight was going a bit too quick. After 20 minutes I am tired and allow myself to revert back to my canal run back.

At which point I realise there are tears running down my face. I'm not in pain. I'm not unhappy.

Then I remember I have hayfever - only I have spent so much time indoors I had pretty much forgotten. So I complete the run, tears, sneezing and snuffling.

Just remind me next time to take an antihistamine.


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