Wow - Managed it....

Posted on: 20 May 2007

So, I woke today with an aching right foot (where did that come from?) and very, very nervous. Training in the last 2 weeks? Very poor indeed. I hadn't managed to run at all in the previous 2 weeks, though I had cycled & swam.

As for the race - well - considering the above it was great. The atmosphere before the start was great. My only complaint - I wish they had started the whole event an hour earlier - courtesy of the midday sun I have decent sunburn despite factor 40.

The organisation was amazing & the assortment of bands and cheering stations was great. At times, just when I felt like giving up the random cheers of strangers kept me going - I had never realised how the applause or support of another person mattered so much till today.

The kids were great - high fives & cheers galore. I even managed to sprint the last 500 metres, slight incline and everything. I smiled for every TV camera & the parents who were watching the big screen got plenty of views of me - though the BBC failed to include my beatful visage in their coverage!

Will I do it again? Definately & much, much better. I have the bug. I am signing up for more races, I will train more consistently & improve my time. I now realise how much the crowd can slow you down (took more than 8 minutes to pass the first kilometre marker), and how much the weathermatters - all my training was in the evening when it was much cooler.

My time- 1 hour 10 minutes, 9 seconds. 10 minutes slower than training but infinately more enjoyable. I think I am hooked.....

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