Lashings and lashings of enthusiasm

Posted on: 30 Mar 2009

Well, I saw sun and not rain (as predicted) this weekend and it pretty much sums up my general mood on the running front.


The last three weeks have seen my final two half marathons (Hastings and Marlow) completed in sub 2 hours and a 15-16 mile run yesterday at Marathon pace. The reason for the cheery feel on a Monday does have something to do with the fact that I did not have to run yesterday's 2 hrs 25 mins in the rain but also that I felt surprisingly good afterwards. I have been talking for a while now about dropping my pace for the longer runs but during the half marathons I subconsciously wanted to come home in under 2 hours.


Yesterday was different, I had achieved my mini goal on the ½ marathons, my dog, Truffle, was running with me (not sure she was quite prepared for the slog ahead of her) so there was no need for my iPod. Neither was there time pressure but most importantly the battery on my footpod was flat and that meant no gizmos - I had to gauge my speed purely on how I felt.


All said and done I have to say that I felt pretty good at the end and this morning I am not walking like John Wayne, which is usually the Monday ritual in the office. The time keeps me on track for a 4hr 30min marathon so I am a happy camper, especially as I managed to stop any more toe nails turning black in the process.


To celebrate I think lunchtime will see in my last alcoholic drink before the big day.

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