Now I'm getting it...

Posted on: 26 Jan 2009

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." Churchill, 1942.

When I ran the marathon last time (over six years ago) the training suddenly got a whole lot easier as I found my body could run at a certain pace without getting too tired - it was just a case of running for the amount of time I had available.

Since I started training this time around there has been no sign of a comfortable and sustainable pace but today I feel I might just be getting there. I'm running on my own this year meaning solitary weekend runs and no one to chivvy me along and regulate my pace - or get me out of the door in the first place (thankfully my wife does this now). I think this has stopped me finding a good marathon pace as opposed to trying to get somewhere as fast as I can or try and improve my cardio. Holding back all that enthusiam to run farther and faster is as much a skill on its own as getting fit in the first place.

As part of my training I am running the Tunbridge Wells 1/2 Marathon on 15th February and before today I thought it was going to be beyond me. Now all I have to worry about is that ruddy hill 8 miles in.

Running felt good today..........long may it last.


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