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Posted on: 26 Mar 2009

I just ran home from work, and I took 6 minutes off my fastest time on that route before  Smile(It's 5.7 miles, and it took me an hour and 10 minutes today).

At the weekend I'm seeing an old friend, who has recently become a runner (for FLM). We are going to do an 11 mile loop (and then he will do some more). I'm not sure how irritated he'll be by my speed (he is apparently a bit faster than me Embarassed).

I forgot to say, it was raining. It's practically unheard of me to choose to run in the rain. I do sometimes get caught out (like in the hail at last year's FLM, and again at home a few weeks ago, when I wantred to go back to nice hot Australia!), but I never choose to do it. I wear glasses, you see... But today, I ran in the rain, and I coped fine. Smile (Hey, I'm 'blind' anyway, so I shouldn't complain about my eyesight being 'worse' because of rain drops on my glasses!).

Oh yes, MTS complained because he can't scan down to read old posts. It seems to be Internet Explorer that is the problem, as it's OK in Firefox. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, shout (and we'll tell Realbuzz)

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