Should i be pleased or not?

Posted on: 15 Dec 2008

I just did my 7.15 mile route again, and this time I did it the fastest yet! Smile

Unfortunately, though, it's still over the 12.25 min/mile cut-off for the Shakespeare.Frown If I did the whole marathon at today's pace, I'd finish it in under 6h, as they insist. Fine. But I would not finish the first half (well, 11.85 miles) in under 2h25. And so I'd be out. Frown

Yesterday Emmteess asked me a few questions, so here are my answers (though, of course, he might not read this to see them. Ho humm...)

I normally ran on my own back home, although I often ran with a girl at work once or twice a week. But those runs were actually at a slower pace than my weekend runs (dunno why...).

I am used to the Oz routes now, but they weren't a major problem. Well, apart from the lack of a printer to print maps, and these odd Ozzie road signs. English ones are so different. They are at waist level, where you can see them, instead of being halfway up a lamp-post. And they are there. But, even having to deal with these weird Ozzie road signs, I haven't found the routes to be a problem.

No, my eyesight is no worse (and I even *think* I see a little bit of improvement, although I believe I've been saying that ever since I went 'blind').

So, those reasons don't explain it. Sorry!


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