winter, winter, winter

Posted on: 07 Dec 2010

Another 7 miles done last night :-) 1hr 15 mins...not gonna break the land-speed record, but hey ;-)

I must say, it does prove a challenge to run after work, esp with the weather so miserable...last thing I feel like doing when I get in is to go out in the dark and the rain!

BUT, because I am too lazy to get up and run before work, it's the price I must pay lol ;-)

Have a new routine...get in, have a bath, THEN get into running gear and go...sounds strange, but i find the freezing outdoors easier to cope with if i'm nice and hot from a bath!

Have decided to update my blogs religiously after each run, so I have a proper record of my mileage...have also set up a spreadsheet to record my runs, so I can tot up my monthly totals in readiness for January's hardcore training...(one way of burning off the crimbo calories i guess)

Forgot I was running with a friend tonight, so will end up doing two fairly long runs one day after the other, which is going to be an eye-opener (still stiff from last night!), the lady i run with has a thing for hills!

Will keep u posted...


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