3 x 10 milers under my belt so far this month :-)

Posted on: 21 Nov 2010

have to say, the training is going well! :-)

I was a bit nervous attempting my fist 10 miler 3 weeks ago, but it was awesome! took me 1 hour 50 minutes, and it was all along Guernsey's west coast, so very scenic :-)

My legs were starting to feel stiff at about 8 miles, but i found that i still had bags of energy, and that endorphin rush always makes it worth it ;-) love finishing with a manic grin on my face, awesome!

The next week's attempt took 2 hours, and i found it tough, but this week's took an hour 50 mins again and was absolutely fine on the legs

I haven't been running in the week, just doing the 10 miles at the wkend, but i'm gonna get my lazy butt back to doing 3 runs a week, and also get back to Bodypump at the gym to build my leg strength...

Not long til the big day! Once Christmas is out the way, it's going to come round quick, arrrghhh! I want to get in two 20 milers before then, so time to hit the training hard...

Hope everyone else's running is going well, anyone else doing the Brighton Marathon??


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