OMG, can't believe it's over!!

Posted on: 14 Apr 2011

Hey all,

Am absolutely chirping! Sunday saw me complete the Brighton marathon in a time of 5:23:58 :-) Whilst I'm not gonna break any land speed records, I'm chuffed to bits because I didn't stop once, not even to pee...(not surprising since it was soooo bloody hot!!) And I also managed to raise over £500 for Starlight Children's Foundation...

I think all the ultramarathon runner's books I've been reading have helped with the mental battle too...whereas with the half I did a couple of years ago, I let negativity take root and had to put up with my inner whiner 'are we there yet? Are we there yet?', this time, I cleared my mind completely and didn't think about anything really, which sounds bizarre considering I was running for so long! I just used all my energy to get the job done, and just kept it consistent and even, and only let it all hit me once i'd crossed the line :-) And boy, you should've seen the smile that was plastered all over my face!! Next time (???) i think i'll soak in the experience more, now that I know i can do it, but i was so worried, esp because i've been seeing the physio for the last couple of weeks re my IT band...just goes to show, you can do anything if u set your mind to it!

And I have to say, Brighton was absolutely amazing! The atmosphere was fantastic, there was soooo much support from the zillions of spectators and the sun was out in force...could not have asked for a better run!!

Funny how i had decided that was my one and only marathon in the hours after the race, but already i'm considering another one...and for some reason, the London to Brighton bike ride has lodged itself in my head...

Anyways, a very well done to everyone else who participated, and best of luck to those doing London this weekend!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!



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