Publicity on its way! :-)

Posted on: 22 Jan 2008

I went for a run at lunchtime, and I wanted it to be into Richmond Park, but I couldn't find the right way in, and then I got horribly horribly lost on the way home. I had no idea where I was 

And I've found out that payday is early this month (it's normally the last Thursday of the month, but this month it's this Thursday instead!), so I will email my colleagues (increased to a huge number across the Faculty - those who know me well, and lots more! (some of whom said ages ago I should count them in!)) asking for them to sponsor me.

And the wife of Rob's friend, a freelance journalist, is going to talk to me tomorrow for an article for Good Housekeeping! Famous? Me?

(Here's the site I go on and on about:  )

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