Next Challenge in Doubt !!!

Posted on: 23 May 2016


Hi folks what a weekend once again team real buzz well and truly smashed it individual  challenges were undertaken and those challenges felt the full force of what an incredible bunch of people can achieve. Brilliant.


My own effort was somewhat of a whimper rather than a full on roar. I’ve picked up the stupidest of stupid injuries. After a great weeks training where I managed 4 runs in 5 days totalling 41 miles and including a 20 miler on the Friday. On the Saturday we had my son’s end of season day out with the rugby team, Paintballing. Basically we launched an all out ccccchhhaaaarrrggggeee at the, enemy I slipped, my feet came at around my ears in true cartoon fashion and ended up coming right down on a massive tree root. Ouch no chance to try a break my fall pride severely dented, winded and the worst bit massive bruising to the ribs. So since last weekend I’ve been really struggling coughing, sneezing and laughing have all been a big no,no as have the deep and heavy breathing and the worst bit is lying down and trying to get some sleep a lot of tossing and turning. I even resorted to sleeping in the reclining chair one night without much success. As for running I can’t even manage half a dozen steps before everything hurts the breathing, chest and diaphragm. But I think I’ve finally turned the corner and I feel as if they are very slowly getting better.


However with the Dartmoor Discovery, at 32 miles and my first ever Ultra less than 2 weeks away I’m seriously concerned if the ribs are going to be ok and if I’ve got enough miles in my legs. I’m due to ride the bike on Tuesday and then hopefully I’ll be able to get some miles in on Wednesday or Thursday fingers crossed and then take it from there really. At the moment I’m not sure what to expect from my first ultra, the things I do know is that its all on tarmac, its going to be hilly, there are cut off points, there are a number of feed and drink stations on route, it comes with great feed back and recommendations and with it being on Dartmoor there are going to be hills and apparently some of the down hills are more brutal than the up hills. The weather is going to play a massive part in the whole event and to be honest I’m not sure if the body and probably more importantly the mind are ready for what’s in store, I just need to get to the start line. As always any advice would be much appreciated.


Right I ‘m off to check out how Angus is getting on in his very special challenge. Stay safe out there, take care and enjoy.  

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