I.T Probs

Posted on: 16 Mar 2014

Had a few probs with the I.T. over the last week or so fortunately they've been with the pc and not with bands on the outside of the leg.

This site never ceases to amaze its just full of inspiration, inspiation, yet more inspiration and coupled with oodles of advice and i absolutely love it.

Since the last blog the running's been going pretty well although the legs did feel really heavy in the week after the half which seen me complete my second 20 miler. Felt so much better after this one than i did after this first one.

This week I've done a 5.5 mile rercovery run on Monday. Tuesday was the old half mile with quater mile recoveries these were done at 6.30 pace tough but worth it !!!Nine miles by then end with warm up and warm down. Back on the bike on Wednesday what a difference a bit of sunshine and no wind makes. Thursday was a tempo run done with Dave 7 miles under the belt at 7.23 pace. Yesterday was only 15 miles we decided as it was relatively short we went for a hilly route. Again another tough one but nice to get out in to the countryside and run off the beaten track. Average of 8.07 for the run. Then another 5 mile recovery run this evening ahead of a pretty full on week.

All getting a bit more real. Got the magazine yesterday which i've got to read yet just need to find a quite hour or so. Went down to the train station today to get our underground tickets sorted for the London weekend and I 've started to try and come up with a plan for the wife and kids for the big day. The only problem is I've very little experience of London and the underground and she's got even less than me. Any advice would be gratefully received on th best places for watching as would any general advice for spectators.

My youngest has also just started to get a interest in rugby and has been upto the local club for a few taster sessions and absolutely loves it at the moment. So looks as if thats something else to fill my time.

Keep your eye on the prize stay focussed and stay safe, nearly there now. 



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