Posted on: 09 Feb 2016


Sorry folks but I’ve got a bit of a apology during my last post I mentioned that I ran my 1 mile repeats at about 6:30 pace. However after running half mile splits at a fractionally quicker pace last week I thought I would review my mile stats. And surprise surprise my maths let me down woefully. The 4 miles had taken me a couple of seconds under 27 minutes which is all but 6.45 pace.


Thanks for all the comments on my last post especially on what constitutes a recovery period ultimately it comes down to the individual and what repeats are being run. No matter what they are an essential part to what are in my book the toughest of sessions. But do leave you with a great deal of satisfaction when they’re done.


Here’s a brief account on what I ‘ve been upto over the last couple of weeks. Week commencing 25.01 was an ease back week.


Mon 25.01- Good solid 5.5 mile standard recovery run and it even stayed dry.


Tue 26.01- Fartlek session. 2 mile warm up followed by 4 miles @ 2 minutes hard 2 minutes easy 2 minutes steady. 2 mile warm down. Nice to something a bit different and we avoided the road from hell what a bonus.


Thurs 28.01- Steady club run. Again out with the usual culprits 6 miles at 7.32 pace. Although it was meant to be steady things got a bit competitive which always results in the pace increasing.


Sat 30.01- Only 14 miles today. Time to take on Ian’s 3 hill challenge again. So called because Ian came up with the route and it enjoys 3 significant hills. What it dosen’t tell you is that you seem to be virtually running most of the time. Just under 1400 feet of up hill later and 14 miles at 8.24 pace. A good solid run but it certainly took it out of me I felt shattered for the rest of the day.


Mon 01.02- . Standard recovery run loop although I did mix it up and run it the other way round. Daring or what?


Tue 02.02- Half mile intervals. Ran these with Bev we were meant to do 6 but she bullied me into 7 of the of the little devils. I found these a lot more comfortable than the last time I done them but the most pleasing thing is they were all run quite consistently well for me at between 6.22 and 6.28 pace.


Thur 04.02- Fastish club run. Ran this with one of the many Dave’s that are involved in my running life. Good conditions and 5.8 miles at 7.12 pace more than happy with that.

Sat 06.02- What a day for a run the conditions were probably some of the worst I’ve ever run in. We decided to head for the infamous old railway track that would offer us the most protection from the elements. The first few miles are run through a National trust property over undulating ground. Then the track gradually heads up towards the moor. So 8 miles up turn and return simple. The 8 miles back were always going to be tougher now we were heading into the wind despite the limited natural protection and we were going to try and run the last 6 miles at marathon pace. All was going relatively well given the conditions until I hit mile 14 and the last but one turn for home. I was out in the open and the wind and rain hit me like a brick wall I’m not sure how I managed to stay up right let alone kept going forward and the rain was almost hail like. I was seriously questioning my own sanity by now. Still only a mile left not sure if it was the survival instincts but I even managed a Kenyan finish. 16 miles done and dusted at 8.02 pace and 5 of the last 6 miles were all done sub marathon target pace. The afternoon was spent watching the 6 nations, with one of those silly grins on my face knowing it had been a tough day at the office but the miles were banked and I had a satisfying ache in the legs.


Again that’s me up to date. Take care out there especially in this crappy weather it’s got to improve soon.


Keep believing all you buzzing superstars.

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