A Justified Kick Up The Backside

Posted on: 25 May 2014

After a recieving a well deserved kick up the backside from a couple of this sites long time legends Nick and HW I thought it was time to give you a bit of a update on what I've been upto over the last couple of weeks.

The running has taken a bit of a back seat to be quite honest. Mixture of reasons really not got anything major planned race wise although I have got my eye a couple of local races but nothing firmed up. I also found it really hard to get back into it after London although a couple of weekends a go I did have one of those runs where everything just seemed to come together. Went out just to run and to see how I got on. Went out minus the Garmin. Managed to cover about 10 miles at 7.45 pace according my questionable maths but the pleasing thing was that it all seemed so easy, relaxed and comfortable. Then our little run around went blew the head gasket so all my spare time went on getting that sorted andthen last week was manic with workand running around after the kids the eldest is in the middle of her GCSE's and her brother was 12 on Thursday. Managed to get out for about 7 miles on Friday again no garmin just me and a watch. First 5 miles or so were bloody awful managed to turn it around and enjoyed the final couple of miles.

But the main reason for the lack of running is that I've been out smashing up the roads on the bike. After missing out on a local sportive originally, I managed to get a place just after London. The ride takes place on 22nd June and will involve 70 miles across Dartmoor and all she can throw you so plenty of up and down and what ever the weather can throw at us. The problem with cycling compared to running is that it takes up so much more time to get any decent milage in. I've been riding into work a lot but thats not ideal to much stop start but I've been building in extra loops from the Mr Barber school of thought. Yesterday managed to pay my own homage to the Bolt and got 50 miles in on the bike.

If you are ever in any doubt to what he's taken on  let me assure you its a bloody long way and it hurts and thats with out the weather to contend with. Simply awesome. And after watching the champions league final last night I know where the real heros are how can you compare these over paid 'super stars' who seemed to spend 120 minutes whinging, whinning and rolling around on the pitch to someone who travels a couple of thousand miles to run 50 miles over montainous terrain iin temps well into the 30's and all at his own expense. Mr and Mrs Bolt you are truley inspirational and I'm very proud to say that I know what  true hero's you really are.

And finally I 'm still trying to recover from my efforts on last Sunday. I was asked to play in a memorial rugby match for one of my sons rugby coaches. I was sold on the idea that it was a bit of a laugh, light hearted game and it would be good if a couple of Dads could play for 10 minutes or so. Well despite having not played for 10 plus years I'd thought I'd give it a go.  Ended up playing about 50 mins in the end and boy did I pay for it. Bruised and battered total different on the fitness front and you know what I absolutely loved it and it definately reminded me why I played for 18 odd years.

Thats me upto date and please please don't let me drift for so long. Good luck with all your plans and lets get those pb's tumbling. 


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