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Posted on: 08 Jan 2016

And so the journey begins once again.


So things have been pretty full on since my last post. My daughter turned 18 at the end of November and her birthday celebrations lasted well over a week and I’m still trying to come to terms that she’s an adult now and all of a sudden I feel 10 years older. Despite December looking relatively quite work wise things kicked off and we were really busy which resulted in late evenings and weekend working, throw in all the festivities and things got pretty manic. The upshot to all this was the running took a bit of a back seat the old short and far from sharp run when I could fit it in or be bothered was all I could muster. Had a disasterous run on the Saturday evening after enjoying the Christmas spirit a bit too much the night before. Basically 4 miles into a slow run I had the same old stabbing pain in the right calf that caused me problems post Snowdon. This resulted in a painful 2 mile shuffle home gutted. All the standard things were done on my return home to aid the recovery. The most surprising thing was that when I woke on the Sunday morning the calf felt fine and touch wood hasn’t given me any problems since. After speaking to some of the medical people in and around the running club it seems it may have just been the fact that I was completely de-hydrated from the night before.


Over the Christmas break I managed to run 8 miles on Christmas eve, 6 miles on Boxing day, 7 miles on the 29th and 6 miles on both New year’s eve and last Saturday. Believe me none of the runs were quick and there were numerous breaks but done they were and all with a group from the running club. The majority of the group have places for this years London marathon and were the group who would regularly run with me during my Snowdonia marathon training so I guess I’m trying to repay the favour. If things go to plan I’ll aim to enter a local spring marathon probably in Taunton, the only problem is that it’s scheduled to be held 3 weeks before London.


So this week the plan has kicked off big time. I ran a solo 4 miles in just under 30 minutes on Monday. Tuesday evening is going to be our night of pain sprints/threshold and the only suitable flatish road is alongside the mind numbing hateful dual carriage way that has a pavement alongside. 2 miles warm up 5 x half miles with 2 minutes recovery and 2 miles back home. The half miles were all done between 6.15-6.30 pace but boy was it tough. The last one was pure evil I’m just glad there was a barrier near by I could drape over which I’m sure helped to keep the contents of my stomach in place. But after a shower, food and a bit of a sit down I got the feel good feeling of a tough session down accompanied by the nice ache you get when you’ve worked hard. Last night was a 6 mile hilly tempo run with the club at 7.50 pace, it felt a lot quicker than that but given the hills I was pretty happy with that. Then we have a 13 miler scheduled for Saturday morning again I’m not expecting a lot, just a tough run with plenty of cursing.


So the current plan is to see how the next couple of long runs go before the possibility of a quick half in February, then push on for a spring marathon. This will hopefully provide me with the foundation I need for my first Ultra. You see during all those Christmas runs I have been persuaded to enter the Dartmoor Discovery. Basically a 32 mile loop on the roads and lanes of Dartmoor which starts and finishes at Princetown. Help and advice will be greatly appreciated and forth coming I’m sure. I’m also fortunate enough to have a place for Snowdon and looking forward to another very special weekend.


Take care out there and enjoy.

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