Just a Quickie

Posted on: 02 Mar 2015

What a full on weekend as is the norm these days the brilliant real buzzers how been out there rippng up the countryside and tarmac as only you superstars can. Talk about inspirational. Many congratulations to all of you.

I'm finally back running its definately good to be back out there but boy is it tough out there.  Very little pace and very sore legs at the moment, some much so that I've even dragged the dreaded foam roller out of retirement. So far I 've managed half a dozen 3 - 5 miler mid week runs and 2 10 milers at the weekends. Last Saturdays run was particularly tough not sure if it due to the bit of a cold I had about me or the fact that I'd given blood earlier in the week or a combination of booth. The good thing was I got it done but i so easily could have given up at any stage and called to be picked up. But thoughts of you brilliant lot got me through there 's no way any of you would have given up and thats what got me home. So once again a big thank you to all of you.

Best of luck for those continuing long runs and good luck to all of you racing at the weekend.

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