Pain free running week !!!!

Posted on: 16 Mar 2015

Well fingers crossed but I think i've finally turned the corner with the right achillies. I've just completed my first achillies pain free running week since early January. I've been running on it for a couple of weeks and then managing the pain afterwards. But this week I managed a 5 mile run on mon a 5 mile club run on thurs and then a nice 10 miler on sat all done pain free and felt so chuffed. Need to work on the pace got none at the moment and need to get back on the hills to help with the cardio. Still getting pain from the right knee but thats managable and won't stop me running.


Thats me for a couple of weeks as we're off to Florida on Thursday going to take my running gear and try to get in some warm weather training and dependant on how that goes i'll be looking to enter our local half.


Thanks for all your birthday wishes just a nice quite one and not a big special one

Take care out there your getting to the back end of those training runs it will be worth it andkeep fighting

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