Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick.......

Posted on: 05 Mar 2010

Well...you get the idea. The phonecall from the doctor to discuss my results never came yesterday, so I am again still waiting. However, when I had a sneaky peak at my MRI images on the disc, I saw what I thought looked like fluid (its amazing what skills you pick up when you have horses - especially those who insist on constatly injuring themselves) and then when I returned home last night I had been sent a copy of the MRI results letter:

The good: There is no evidence of abnormal bone marrow signal change to suggest a stress fracture - whoo!

The Um?:In the right mid and lower leg (the bit that hurts and the bit I thought looked like it had fluid in it) there is some periosteal fluid present anteriorly and medially. In comparison the left leg is normal.

The Outcome: Appearances are compatible with an 'asymmetrical soft tissue excercise related reaction'.

So......anyone any thoughts? Anyone else ever had this outcome? Obviously it would be nice to discuss it with the doctor but it seems more likely I would run the marathon sub 2 hours quite frankly!

Anyway moving on. I managed to wedge in 3.5 on Monday in 33 mins - I like to say this was a Tempo run, after finally fiding out what that means courtesey of Runners World magazine this month! Tusday and Wednesday were spent in York with work and I was shattered yesterday but knew I had to go out. It should have been 8m but was 7m in 1hr.09m (PB for that distance) and so I was more than happy with the physical effort. So I really need to get about 5m in this evening but will try and take it reasonably steady before heading out for another 13-15m on Sunday.

On Saturday I will be acting as trainer as I escort my other half and his sister to their first ever 10k - is going to be so hard watching them and not joining in!

Hope everyone else is enjoying this sun?! Happy Weekend Training!



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