Spotty Muldoon...

Posted on: 14 Apr 2010

Oh where to begin. Well after my update last Friday I took myself home for the weekend in a sorry state hoping that a couple of days rest would sort out the gargantuan (nice word!) ankle and did get a sneaky 4.5m in while the other half was at the pub - he would tell me off if he caught me you see!

Ankle didn't perhaps seem as bad as it could be on Saturday and even managed to ride the horse and withstand a quick bucking session (little monkey!). Anyway I took myself and friend off to the Dressage Championships for the evening, and we were a bit late so had to stand for a bit and wait for seats to free up - cue swelling. Much swelling. I unzipped my boot, then I couldn't weight bear on it. We finally managed to sit down and I could feel my sock was wet (sorry, I know this is gross) and the swelling had burst again. Nice. Not only that, it was just huge and driving home was absolute agony. I took some ibuprofen and piriton and took myself off to bed.

Oddly the next morning the swelling had gone down quite alot and I managaed to drag myself to church but I was beginning to feel a bit odd. Desperate to get some more running in I hauled myself out and managed a very respectable 10m in 1hr 36m (PB - must have been the Piriton haze!)

Sunday night it happend - the rash spread all over my body, it looked like I had rolled in nettles and the itching was indescribable. More piriton and bed and no work on Monday (couldn't even bare to have clotes on!) while I desperately tried to get a doctors appointment to no avail. My calves had now also swollen to similar gargantuan proportions as the ankle, and felt like they were about to burst. Finally yesterday afternoon after much begging and being told by Boots I could have no more Piriton I was given a doctors appointment. The relief of just seeing someone helped if nothing else and after my first dose of steroids (I practically ran into Warwick to get to the dispensary before it closed) last night the swelling in my calves has subsided well and I managed a fast 4m for me in 37min 50s (again, Piriton haze..) Now, this is a bit gross again,  - I had to get up for a wee three times in the night, which must have been the fluid draining from calves!

I am feeling much improved today and am probably going to do 3m this evening. Also had physio this morning and we have pretty much come to the conclusion that I won't be able to strap my shin to run the Marathon, which is a nightmare and very very ouchy but what will be, will be and I WILL be at that start line!

Not long now! Happy Trails!



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