The road to recovery....

Posted on: 10 Mar 2010

Sadly I have no miles to report this week as yet but I hope to start making that up this evening. This morning I had my first appointment with the physio - YEAY! Obviously I was not expecting to be cured here in an instant (in fact I was very scared he was just going to say 'NO MARATHON FOR YOU, WONKY SHIN GIRL'), but I just felt so much better to finally be seeing someone about my injury, and afterwards I felt even better! Physio was really nice and confirmed that it is definately a shin splint and that although it hurts like hell, my leg is not suddendly going to snap off - despite the fact it often feels this way.

I had some ultrasound, he showed me a new way to strap it and also some new stretches to try which I have just been doing in my lunch hour - and I can't believe it but it does actually feel better?! So as it is nicely strapped I will be out for about a 6m this evening and probably the same to tomorrow to make up the mileage without getting to much in too close to the Kilomathon on Sunday.  Also have another appointment with him on Friday for another ultrasound.

So as Glen_B pointed out, I can't make up those miles and whats gone is gone, but I feel there is every chance I can now make the start line, and at some point......some time after, the finsh line too! So glad to see everyone is coming out the right side of injuries and illness now and thank you all for putting up with my shin grumbling over the past weeks - I don't know what I would have done with you guys! Happy Training!



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