All the Gear...No Idea...!

Posted on: 04 Jan 2010

Well firstly Happy New Year to you all, and my apologies for the lack of blog over the past three weeks. It got a bit hectic towards the end of the month with work and then Christmas just took over.

I think last time I spoke to you I had been fallen on by a man at BMF, which took a good few days for the brusing to come out (black left buttock, blue left leg, blue and swollen right ankle and whip lash) which was nice and happily coincided with working away and so three days off was a bonus.

It was such a treat to then finish work and be able to run in light! The towpath and also some new terrain at my Mum and Dads in Shropshire beconned and without going into too much detail, the week of Christmas I cleared 20 miles (including 5 on a beautiful snowing  white Christmas morning).

Last week was pretty good too with a total of 17 miles - this included my first ever 7 mile run on Saturday which was actually just about OK!

To add to the fun, I must have been a very good girl this year as Santa brought me a Garmin. Oh the shock of the first time out and knowing exactly where those miles are, and it screaming at you about your ten minutes elapsing and you being no where near that mile! I kind of like it though, and I think its going to help push me.

I have not been to BMF since the falling incident, and have to admit I am a bit scared but considering toddling along tonight, temperatures pending....

Happy Training...!



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