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Posted on: 20 May 2011

ah yes, thats right, just over three months ago when I last blogged (ahemm!) I was complaining I was fat...I don't think too much has changed so we will move on from there!

So, whilst failing to blog I have at least been achieveing something in the fitness stakes, not earth shuddering, but I think things are a bit more in balance now. When I decided to have a go at Triathlon I didn't want it to be like it was with the Marathon -an all out, train yourself within an inch of your life adventure. I wanted it to be a more 'ongoing' commitment and a sport that I would hopefully enjoy and become part of life, and happily this seems to be going well.

After joining Coventry Triathletes I have been given some really great opporunities to train and get sound advice, and they have been really inviting and patient, even though some of them quite regulary undertake Ironman competitions, like they are a 10k!

Spinning proved a hit with getting some more fitness on board quickly, and without going into the weight thing I think I have lost some width - although the cycling seems to have the opposite effect on my thighs!

Anyway, to the point. I took part in the Aquathlon as a halfway house in April to see what it would be like to put  two disciplines together and although the 16 lengths swim was torturous for me (and probably all the other triathletes watching on) I really felt the buzz the minute I got out of the pool into transition and out into the park for the run. It was a strange experience starting to run with your heart rate already at the point where it probably would be for me around 9k of a 10k run, but somehow the buzz pushes you on and I ran two miles under 9 mins - unheard of for me!!

And so on we went to my first 'fun' (I think there is an element of trade discription in there) Triathlon in Stratford last weekend. I arrived really early, even though I live 15 minutes up the road, so I could take everything in. Passing so many cycylist taking part in the Sprint class on the way there really got the adrenaline up and I realised that although I was very nervous I was also really excited!

As I had gone for the shorter distance which only had a 200m swim I think this helped as psycologically I knew I could swim that distance quite happily. So after racking my bike, to the pool I went in my Trisuit (looking like a black jelly baby) and enjoyed (yes, really) my swim in 5.40. As I got out and made my way to T1 I was so excited about getting on the bike as I was feeling good and had borrowed a road bike that I had used a couple of times so knew I was in with a chance of knocking some time of my ride.  The only issue on the bike came in the form of me  missing my bottle cage, resulting in bottle and gatorade being deposited on the road about 0.5 miles in, luckily I have just had a mouthful of it but I knew over 14 miles ahead without a drink which did worry me slightly. I knew I was making good time and over took quite a lot of people, which when they have lapped you on the swimming is quite satisfying Smile I knew the second half would be hard as it was all back up hill into Stratford so I tried to keep something back and it seemed to pay off, and I arrived in Stratford unscathed in around 54 minutes having averaged around 16mph.

So just the run to go, and fuelled by the mouthful of gatorade I knew was left in the bottle on my transition mat, off I went. In my head I was jogging, but again its so strange the way your muscles are already so warm and your heart rate up you feel like you going nowhere, but 1.65 miles of under 9 min running again greeted me and I ran through the finsh absolutely elated! I was actually so shocked I had done it, it was like I couldn't believe mey luck! Even nicer than that was going out for a curry with a few people from the club that evening and feeling like I have not only gained a new sport but also a whole new circle of friends Smile

The joy was slightly shorted lived as the fear of Blenheim has begun to set in.....Open Water swimming pratice becons next weekend and I have already been having dreams about lakes all week! Undecided However I have been to open water skills sessions on drafting, practicing getting the wet suit on and off and sighting, so that will help a bit - I have also managed to get kicked in the face drafting and have a black eye so that bit is well practised!

Sorry, that was a bit of a long one...will make more effort to blog more often. I hope everyone elses plans for the year are going to plan - happy training!!



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