My London Marathon......

Posted on: 27 Apr 2010

Well, where to start. Lets get the bit I am not too pleased with out of the way first. I am a little dissapointed with my time....5hrs 10m (including a 5 min loo break!) and I know I probably shouldn't be, and I am probably my own worst critic, but I am......but lets back up a bit to the better stuff.

By the time it came to leave for the Expo on the Saturday I was as nervous as hell. I got up at 5.15am, went and did the horse, and then caught the 7.20 train to London with the other half. Got to Expo, no queue, and wandered round for a bit, met some Guide Dogs and it was all good. Checked in to hotel (Custom House - which turned out to be more than adequate and I would recommend) and had a quick nap before heading back into Central London for something to eat. Had lovely bowl of pasta (no, really, it was lovely even though it was my fifth pasta meal in a row..) at an Italian in Carnaby Street and wandered back to hotel at about 8.30pm and proceeded military precision assault on pinning number, packing kit bag and chipping shoe. All good!

Up at 6am, which was positively a lie in after the day before and I had surprisingly slept very well. I am not much good with breakfast when nervous but I had a cup of tea and then 'grazed' on several chewy oat bars between getting up and probably about five mins before the start! It really kicked in waiting for the train, leaving my other half at London Bridge to catch the train to Blackheath saw tears. I was in complete awe when I got to the start and could only focus on on putting my baggage in the truck and queueing for the loo - when I finally came too a bit, and found the Lucozade stand it was too late and I had missed all my lovely Real Buzz friends! Frown

Got into Pen 8, although I think it was more like pen 7, and then it was happening. It was so strange at first I could not comprehend it at all and then as we came out of the first streets where it was not so quiet and the crowds got larger I began to realise I was running the VLM 2010! I won't give you a blow by blow account of my run or we will be here for hours! 1-6m was great, although missed other half at 6m. 6-12m again was great, especially the Guide Dogs cheering station at 12m and saw other at 13m - also Tower Bridge what a buzz that was!! At around 13m I began to be aware that although my body, breathing etc felt fine my legs did not. It was not my shins, it was my knees and I tried to ignore it but by mile 16m it had come on with a vengence and I could barely lift my feet of the floor and had to walk for a minute. I had a bit of a moment where I didn't think I was going to be able to carry on and to be honest I don't really remember the bit between about 16-20m as it was just agony and so so slow. I promised myself that if I made it to 20m I would make it home and just kept thinking of the 'mind gives up before the body' and trying to ignore my mind telling me I was in pain. When I got to 20m I knew Al was at 23m so that became my next goal and the crowds were just amazing at this stage. When I saw Al at 23m all I wanted to do was get to the finish for a hug, and so thats what I focussed on and thats whats got me home.

I was exhilarated and exherted all at the same time but felt great when they put my medal on. As I wandered to get my goody bag the man next to me collapsed, making a horrible noise and clutching his chest (pretty sure he was having a heart attack) so I shouted for medics and water, and then I wandered off which was something my mind had trouble dealing with - although he had everything he needed, and had medical assitance, I couldn't quite grasp that I had just run the London Marathon and seen something quite so upsetting all in the space of about 3 mins! It made me realise even more what I had just done and I was very glad when a nice man from Guide Dogs came and took my arm and gave me a cup of tea at the reception and the Al finally turned up and I burst into tears!

I sat in Trafalger Square for a bit enjoying the sun, and answering all the lovely texts people had sent me and then went for a beer to saok up the atmosphere. The overall experience was incredible, I will never forget it and I am excited about planning what to try next, but best get off to the physio and find out what the heck is wrong with these knees first, eh?!

Well done to all of you with your PB times and anyone who ran on Sunday, it will always be an amazing achievement.  Happy planning! Smile


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