Survived a Slippery Six....

Posted on: 10 Jan 2010

When the snow finally eased off again yesterday I ventured out to my faithful towpath to do my prescribed 5m. It was so so cold it took my breath away a bit to start with. The canal has now actually dissapeared as it is completely frozen and the covering of snow on the top is quite deep. Many confused Moor Hens and Ducks were about, wondering where their watery home had gone!

Anyway, nothing really interesting to report, other than the fact that I managed not to fall over, and I actually ended up doing 5.8m on a loop in a time of 59.17 which was quite pleasing. I hope a few of you who have been marooned are able to get out soon, I think everyone has now officially had a enough of the white stuff! It is at it again here today and bitterly cold so I am swapping my Monday rest day for today and will use BMF as cross training session tomorrow evening. Another week done...another week closer and surprisingly I am quite excited about doing the Not The Roman IX (7.5m) in Stratford next Sunday.

Happy Skating!


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