A Belated Blenheim Blog....

Posted on: 14 Jun 2011

and a few other thoughts.....

So, I survived Blenheim! I have to say I was more than slightly overwhelmed at the finish and had a little cry, which was odd because I always thought I would do that in the Marathon but never got round to it! I think I was just so relieved to have got in and out of the lake, as the run and bike distances were actually shorter than previouslym, but the lake did take it out of me.

Without boring you with Blenheim for too long, it was a VERY hot day and a VERY well organised event. I was there for a fair while as my sister in law's other half was competing in the Sprint Distance, and by the time I came to rack my kit, between the nerves and heat I wasn't feeling too on form.

Standing sweltering in my wet suit looking out over the lake I couldn't quite comprehend that I was going to get in it but as we were ushered onto the pontoon I tried using some positive thought techniques and splosh, in I jumped! What I did realise to my delight was that the water was actually really clear compaired to Bosworth where we have swim practice, so this instantly helped me a bit as I don't like my face in the water when it is dark, which causes me to hold my breath and ...well you can guess the result of trying to swim holding your breath!

The hooter went, and we were off, I did my best and got a fair bit of front crawl done but, like alot of the field, then reverted to breast stroke, focussing on the first buoy. It seemed to go quite quickly and as I reached the second buoy I decided to put my foot down and try a little more crawl which allowed me to overtake a few people.

I clambered out onto the pontoon to be greeted by the 400m exit to T1, which I have been told was steep, but was actually vertical! However I saw a chance to pick off a few more people so after catching my breath I decided to get a jog on.

In T1 i had lined my bike up with a tree so it was easily found, and after losing the wet suit and the addition of a few essentials it was out on the bike to thoughts of "since when was Blenheim this flipping hilly"!!!

God, it wasn't the most pleasant bike course and although it was a hot day the cross wind was vicious and by the second lap I was feeling really puffed and was very glad to peel off into T2. I ran out of T2 with legs like jelly, the o/w swim had definately taken a bit more than usual, but I was determined to run all the way round as it wasn't that far but again what goes down has to come up and so after the first mile being down the entirely mile back in was up. I eventually chugged my way into the finish straight and it felt so good to cross the line.

So, I was very pleased but a little disspaointed with my bike and run time. I think the weather and the o/w swim definately had an effect but I will just had to get some work donw before the next one!

I ran the Two Castles 10k on the Sunday just passed, and had mixed thoughts about this, as last year I recorded a PB with my Marathon fitness but knew this wouldn't be the case this year - in fact to date my running has not really beeen going that well, after being somehwat neglected in favour of cycling and swimming.

In short, I was not looking forward to it, and as I stood in the pouring rain at the start I have probably never wanted to leave an event so much! I think the adrenaline kicked in a bit as usual as I took myself further down the funnel to find some space and as we went off I just tried to keep a steady pace and use it as training. I had a mixed first three miles and then all of a sudden it was like my legs woke up and I remembered what it was like to run faster than 10m miles again, and jogged on to a 9.30mm to a 9.20mm and then a 9mm!! So, that was better than a kick in the teeth and the fact I was aiming for an hour and actually came in at 59m 35s - which is sort of job done.

So, thats me for now....and I hope to have some more Triathlon plans lined up soon and get back to working on the running. Happy Training!

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