Posted on: 22 Mar 2010

Well, firstly well done to everyone who had super running this weekend, everyone seems to be very much on form and I hope you are all enjoying well earned days off today!

I had a very good week in terms of week day mileage, only losing a mile to make the total 17 - thats 7m more than last week. However, on the flip side I was bloomin tired going into the weekend and had the sneaking suspicion my LSR was not going to be all I hoped for.

Anyway before that I went to Marriage Preparation, which turned out to be quite useful exercise after all! The funniest part was when I walked in and saw a girl I recognised, but I thought I must have just seen her at church. Then she looked at me and then we both at same time said 'Oh My God, you go to running club!' so that was hilarious as we obviously both looked quite different when not violently sweating or trying to run past each other!

It was a bit of a long morning but as it was throwing it down outside I tried to content myself with the thought that hopefully in the afternoon it would stop. After much discussion about how to handle arguments, not cheat on each other and other such useful tools for the future (?!?) we headed over to the church for a walk through of the service with 20 other couples. By this point the other half seemed to have lost any of his morning shyness and volunteered us to play bride and groom with my running club friend as bridesmaid, her other half as best man and another bloke I have seen at church as father of the bride. Brilliant. I then proceeded to pretend to get married in front of 40 people I didn't know. Excellent.

Moving on....I got home later than planned but knew there was no where to put the LSR on Sunday so at 3pm (eugh......) I began with the other half in tow on his bike. As suspected from the word go it was all a bit wrong. Got 1mile in and had to dive into the pub for a wee at which point Garmin refused to autopause, so then had no idea what my timing was. I was feeling a little on the chubby side as it was but the other half said I should put the Skins on to help with compression - thats the last time I listen to him, as I spent many a minute all though the run trying to remove them from places I didn't want them to be - to be fair it wasn't really his fault, more my appauling choice in knickers for the occasion! It rained, the wind blew, it rained, it was too hot, oh it just wasn't what you want an LSR to be and at 16.5m,nwhen it was getting to dusk, I had enough. I was gutted and fed up and really wanted 18m but I just knew I needed to stop, my left shin was even threatening to start hurting and all I could think about was my pony wondering where her tea had got to. PANTS.

Shins were bad yesterday, but not so bad today and actually body did seem to recover more quickly than after the Kilomathon. Also, I think, no in fact I know, that was the biggest mileage week I have ever done at 33.5m Smile, so thats better than a kick in the teeth!  Sunday also proved productive as my Bridesmaids now have shoes as well as dresses, but I also lost my photography venue so it was all a bit highs and lows this weekend generally!

Not quite sure what the plan is this week yet, to be perfectly honest, as I thinking of maybe shortening the mileage slightly in the week again and going longer at the weekend.


Happy Training!


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