Almost half way!

Posted on: 08 Feb 2010

By the end of last week my three miles run was not comfortable with the shins, so I just used it for a 'bimble' with the other half, flicking my heels up, jogging sideways that kind of malarky. Stupid shins.

Anyway, with my first 12m looming on the weekend I took myself off to the local running shop which has swanky new premises to purchase gels, which I had yet to experiement with. As well as a selection of SiS Gels I also invested in some sports physio tape. Now, I know, I can feel Suziewee wagging her finger at me, and everyone else shouting 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU CLEARLY HAVE AN INJURY' but I just wanted so badly to get the 12m done. So the remainder of Saturday was spent watching videos on the internet for how to strap shin splints....

Sunday came and the legs did feel better for being supported, so after church (yes, I did have a little pray for the running) and a cheese and pesto sandwich (again, I know, just odd) I set off on my route. I was sort of excited as I had planned a route all the way up the towpath from Warwick to the other side of Leamington and onto Southam to arrive at the yard where I keep my horse and lovely fiance could retrieve me (and possibly muck out while waiting!)

It wasn't the nicest of days, misty and damp but the sun did try for a bit and at six miles I felt good. The strapping was holding up well (to be fair I looked like Mumra from Thundercats but was beyond caring), and I stopped to take my first gel which was OK (Blackcurrent), I indulged in a stretch, some Gatorade and on I went. At this point I went onto towpath I had never been on before. It was actually a bit muddy but again this was to my advantage as it caused less impact on the shins but was making the new Mizunos a little less white!

I was still feeling good although I found my gel had made me a little lightheaded and then without warning a little paranoid! You see, I am little bit of a wuss with water but I can normally cope with the canal. Its not so much the water really, more my overactive imagination and the fact it tells me that the canal is going to come out of it's basin and get me, and that there are bodies in it - too much Ruth Rendell and TaggArt as a small child I think!

Anyway, gave me a bit of a fright as I suddenly felt paranoid and very alone, especially as it was now quite dim, but cracked on again. The canal got quite unloved, rutted and muddy between miles 7.5-10 and just on the final stretch before coming off at 10m was a bit where the canal didn't have a side on it (I might point out it was the other side, not my side) - this made me VERY scared and back came the paranoia. Even though I could feel myself running with my hand over my right eye and squeaking slightly, and breathing very heavily I could not stop myself and complete panic set it. Just at the point where I thought I was either going to faint or bolt back in the other direction luckily I came to a lock, and next bit was more normal. Its OK to laugh, I laughed at myself.

Anyway was elated at 10m to be feeling pretty good and be on tarmac so I took another gel (orange), mouthful of Gatorade and set of for my final two miles which were a bit of a mind warp as I had to put a section in to make it up to 12m, which involved me running away from where I was going for a minute, but I was striding for home. I was also pleased at 10m to find my time was 1hr 50m which was a good three minutes up on last time.

Finally at 12.4m I got to yard 2hrs 14m (would tell you the splits but they are at home on laptop). Was VERY pleased indeed. Now oddly legs felt amazing, until the right one woke me up at 4am and I had to get it an ice pack. I am now waiting for the doctor to phone me to discuss (getting an appointment is about as easy as running a marathon), so I can get the ball rolling with getting some physio ASAP on my health insurance.

Happy Training!



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