On a mission...

Posted on: 18 Jan 2011


Can't believe it has been over a week since I last blogged, but I can report that this is because I have mainly been exercising...well, actually I have probably mainly been working,  but much exercise has been going on.

The first week of 'reverse back from the size 14 bracket' went well and last week I completed an entire weeks worth of my plan which consisted of:

  • Mon: Swimming
  • Tue: 2.5m run
  • Wed: 30 min cross train (it was very wet out, so this mostly involved leaping round my flat with my newly acquired dumbell set and trying to remember what we used to do at BMF to make my heart rate go through the roof)
  • Thur:2.5m run and strength (again with the dumbells...I have become quite attached to them)
  • Fri:Rest (and small glass of wine)
  • Sat:3.5m run (Dah dah! Its been a while)
  • Sun: 1 hr Bike out and about

So, I know, its not exactly a marathon training plan but its working and I feel fitter and I think a few pounds have gone. I have also been immersing myself in reading about Triathlon and am keen to join Coventry Triathlon Club as they seem not too serious and have some reasonably priced training sessions.

It has been great catching up with everyone on hear and reading about their plans for the year - I haven't felt this enthused for so long - wheee!

Happy Training!




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