Its tough at the top....

Posted on: 21 Oct 2010

but it even toughr at the bottom!

Long story short, not really any running over the Summer. Little bits here and there but to be honest I am not good in any kind of warmth, work was a b**ch to put it mildly and then a small thing called 'wedding' cropped up and so here I am - a lot heavier, well actually not heavier just flabbier, un-fit and signed up for the Blenheim Tri in 2011.

I didn't get into the VLM this time but thats OK, I felt a little left out especially when someone in my office got in, but there are other things I wan to 'tri' (ha ha ha...)

So, as I no longer have a horse I find myself at a loose end in the evening, on the occassions I am not chained to my office desk (at work...not by new husband..), and I have started to try and get some running done again. It is a bit disheartening to be so unfit, and I am currently  hovering around the 3 mile not quite at the point where it is comfortable. I really miss going out with my running groups as well - I know I could go out with them, but actually I am a bit embarrassed as 'the one who did the marathon' to not be able to hold my own at 3m and be carrying a little bit of a spare tyre...

Anyway, I I entered the Blenheim Tri as my next challenge. Those of you who have followed me on my Marathon journey will remember I am not great with water - I am scared of running by the canal when the path is too narrow, so swimming in a lake (where in my head there are bodies, eels, sharks etc etc) is the real challenge here. I did manage to throw myself into the Atlantic off a boat in Portugal as a start to over coming the fear, which I did as a mind of matter thing, but basically I was utterly terrified. I know I can get fitter and will get fitter but can I a) learn to front crawl and b) throw myself in a lake...I am not sure. Any help, advice and training plans very welcome at thsi stage!

So thats where I am at. Thats me, oh yes, and I am now Mrs Walkeden....!



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