Topsy Turvy....

Posted on: 27 Mar 2010 just a bit how I feel at the minute. It has been a week of mixed emotions. I decided to take Monday off as I had quite a long physio session and it seemed a waste to have the legs (yes, both..) worked on to annoy them again. So on Tuesday I set out with vigour and enjoyed (yes, really..) an 8 miles jaunt in 1hr 19m - Great stuff. Wednesday I set off for my 4m and there was just nothing in the tank and I was in agony, it was just not nice and at 2.5m I had to throw in towel and walk a mile home, even though in my head I just wanted to break into a run my legs just wouldn't let me. To add to my 'glumness' I noticed that evening that my horse no longer looked sound either, nice. So I took to ranting on Facebook - thank you everyone who wrote nice things and sorry about the ranting!

I knew I would be working all weekend so I took my final days holiday for the year off on Friday, after having Thursday off running in an attempt to appease what have now become known as 'Mr & Mrs Shin'.  Friday was also payday, so I treaed myself to a belt to keep my drink and gels in and at 11.30 I set off for my 18m. It was so warm again and I did feel hot, but this ws short lived as at 6m I was soaked to the skin. This was equally shortly resolved by the sun coming back out and toasting me again, and then the rain soaking me get the picture! It was OK until about 12m and then I began to feel the strain, at 15m I felt like I couldn't go on and just wanted to stop so badly but I couldn't face not getting the 18m in again, and so feeling like some kind of zombie (goodness only know whats I looked like) I crawled home at 18m in 3hr 6mins, which I wasn't too upset by timw wise. I was just a bit dissapointed really that it felt so hard still,  and the thought of running on to 26m just seemed impossible, but I guess at this stage what will be will be! Literally three minutes after I got through the door the vet phoned and so I had to go back out and drive to the yard to have he horse looked at - I was so stiff I had to get someone else to trot her up for me! On a positive note, she is not so bad as first hoped which is a relief and today I got on her for the first time in 7 months! She was such a good girl, not putting a foot wrong - which believe me for 'her ginger highness' is practically unheard of!

Unsurprisingly today everything below my waist hurts, but while checking tack all morning at one of our Championships I was constantly trying to stretch (which got me a few strange looks, so my frield joined in so at least we looked strange together!) and while opening and closing the gate tomorrow for 10 hours at another Championships I will be doing the same in a vane effort to just keep these legs going up to the taper - I can't wait to get those 20m done next weekend and taper, I think I am more excited about the taper than the marathon at the minute!

Happy Training to you all this weekend! 18m, just - whoo!

C xx

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