Not the Roman IX....

Posted on: 18 Jan 2010

is where I could be found yesterday, and a little bit nervous is how I felt. This was a 12km (7.5m) road run around a very scenic bit just outside Stataford Upon Avon. Slightly new territory for me as with only 700 entry places I was slightly concerned that I would be last in - and as I checked everyone out around me in their club vests and 'Skins' body suits I knew this was a real possibility.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I wasn't last, but I wasn't far off either though coming 517th out of 569, but I guess that wasn't the point of the exercise. The point was to get round and that I did, and to be honest it really wasn't that bad (even the big hill in the middle), and I probably could have gone a little bit faster. I finished in 1hr 13m 55s, and was really pleased as when I first attempted 7m a couple of weeks ago it took me 1hr 17m. I was also pleased with the fact that I could have carried on as well to be honest (for a bit anyway), which is a bonus becase the next long run this week is 10m! Oddly though, I am looking forward to the challenge...

Today is a rest day, for which I am glad as I am tired after yesterday but don't really ache either which is a pleasant surprise. So all in all, quite pleasing.

I am also very  excited as I have discovered a ladies running group in Leamington Spa who are part of the Womens Running Network (  and I am going over to have a run with them tomorrow night - I have previously not been too fussed about running with anyone (I am an only child, quite 'independant' - or as finace puts it 'just unsocialble), but as the mileage is clocking up I have begun to get a little bored on my own and so I am hoping this may be the answer a couple of times a week. Although, interestingly after coming to lend support yesterday both my fiance and his sister have signed up to do our local Two Castles run (10k) in June, which I have religiously done for the last three years - so maybe I won't be running on my own for too much longer......!

Hope everyone is enjoying that Tarmac as much as I am!

Happy Training!


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