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Posted on: 06 Jan 2011

Best to forget the back end of last year I think. After the wedding I got completely bogged down by work, I started to run again but I pushed too hard to soon and learnt my lesson hard when I earned myself a nice hamstring twinge. Frustrated I fell out of love with the exercise thing a bit, and without a horse to go and care for, I stayed at work until silly hours and by the time Christmas came I barely had a pulse.

So lessons learnt, work life balance addressed, and on we go. I started 'jogging' over Christmas and have elected to go out without the Garmin for now as I realised I was trying to adhere to time frames from when I was Marathon fit, pushing myself too hard and coming home dissapointed and sore. Its not a problem distance wise as  I generally now what routes are what distance as they are firmly imprinted in my brain from last year!

So, I guess I am on the bottom rung really but I have the following plans:

  • Shakespeare Raceway 10k (March 5th 2011)
  • Leamington Regency 10k (April 10th 2011)
  • Stratford Half Marathon (May 8th 2011)
  • Stratford Fun2Tri Super Sprint (May 15th 2011)
  • Blenheim Triathlon Super Sprint (June 4th 2011)
  • Two Castles 10k ( June 12th 2011)
  • Kilomathon London (October 23rd 2011)

My first 10k will be training rather than racing with the hope of putting in a decent time at the Regency 10k in April. All leading up to and around of course the event of trying my hand at Triathlon! I have been going swimming fairly regularly for a while and am steadily improving on the front crawl so feeling more positive about that. Had the bike out over Christmas whcih was hell, but then I had full grab tyres on at the minute which is not ideal on Tarmac so I will be off to get some slicks shortly.

I am hoping that posting this on here will shame me into not going into a decline again - you all have my full permission to poke me and shout 'Oi you, you who has gone up two dress sizes and have a Triathlon to train for, stop whinging, slacking and generally letting the side down' should you think the situation should arise!

Looking forward to following everyone elses excisting plans in 2011!



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