Taper Time.....thank goodness!

Posted on: 06 Apr 2010

Well, its finally here, and not a moment too soon! Last weeke didn't carry the greatest set of mileage for me again, as its become a case of saving the shin for special occassions such as 20 milers these days! Anyway I swapped running for a swim on the Monday which proved quite a work out at 'Adult Swimming' where dodging the over zealous, men who obviously inhabit swimming pools between 9-10pm of an evening, were out in force!

Tuesday gave me a fun filled visit to the running group and a pretty swift 5m where the Garmin got it's self a first when recording a final mile of 8.54 - can never resist that sprint finish! During this run, people were asking me how fast I run generally  and seemed very disapointed with my consistent 10 minute miling. Now, I have always known I am not fast, but I was disapointed when I though about it, so on Wednesday night I set of with some vigour and recorded a PB of 8m in 1hr 17 - still not fast, but definately faster! So that was the end of the mileage as Thursday brought a late finish at work in order to avoid working over the Easter Break and I didn't want to run on Friday ahead of the big one. I did however hop on my horse a few times and remembered that I have muscles, clearly not used for running, in my thighs that haven't been used for a while! 

Saturday came and I was glad I had held off the day before as the weather was much brighter. I won't bore you with a blow by blow account but I did a new bit of route which yielded some pretty large hils (which I hope will help the fitness), had a large blister at 10m, distinct weariness at 16m and then, yep there it was 'hell on earth' at 18m but I trundled home to 20m in a time of 3hr 27mins - and Taaaaaper..

Had been having issues all week with my leg, as the area which has physio tape on it to run is having some kind of dermatological mid life crisis and after the 20m it is quite frankly unamusing. Twice the size of the other ankle/lower calf I am sitting at work with my sock off, unable to do my boot up and it is  'flashing' - yes, you heard me correctly 'flashing'! I am guessing because of the pulse in the ankle to swelling is making it more prominent. Thank you to Green Welly for her advice on Hypoallergenic tape, and I am currently keeping BOOTS in business with Hydrocortisone. Nothing like a bit of excitment in life is there, eh? 

Well done to you all with your fantastic 20's!

Happy Taper!



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