Coming out of Hiding....

Posted on: 23 Feb 2010

Hello all,

Long time no speak. Firstly thank you to you all for your lovely supportive messages after my last post, and apologies for ranting on a bit during it! To be quite honest I have ended up having 8 days off doing nothing, other than swimming once, due to the leg and then the rest collided with being away with work for a couple of days. Thats a total loss of 32m (including a 13 and 10m LSRSurprised), so really not ideal at this stage. By last Saturday I had really had enough so I ventured out for 3m, when I was horrified at how much fitness I had lost, and then a 5m on Sunday. Yestrday was a rest and I also finally managed to get in for an MRI, so I am now waiting to speak to the doctor about the results. Basically I have absolutely no idea whether I am going to make the marathon or not but I am determined to get back out there this week and get some work done.

While I have been off the left leg does seem to have improved greatly and it is now just the right leg that is the problem, and to be honest it is still very painful. Anyway don't want to dwell on it so I will be out trying for a 3m as scheduled this evening and am vaguely hopeful to get through this weeks training although I think I will have to drop the LSR at the weekend to around 13m rather than 15m - but hey you never know! Great to see everyone else back on training and injury free, Happy training!



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