Back from the brink.....

Posted on: 01 Feb 2010

but still very much teetering on the edge....

Last week was not good. Given the pain I was in from the shins after my 10 miles, and as it was a 'step back' week on the programme I admitted defeat and decided to take the week off in the hope of them calming down. I didn't feel too bad about the whole thing at first as truth be told I was absolutely shattered and was beginning to feel a bit 'run out' generally. So as I began to miss my runs, at first it was fine. By the time I had got to Thursday and was 11 miles adrift for the week I began to feel really really low as the pain was still there everyday. I had been religiously icing, massaging etc.

Anyway Friday night came and I decided I would at least try and get one of the 3m in I had missed to try and cheer myself up. 500 yards up the road I was in tears, my shins were hurting so much. So I had a stratch and managed to toddle on round the block really slowly for 2 miles and then spent what seemed likes hours stretching. Miraculously on Saturday I felt better in general and so I ventured out with the support of fiance and his sister (they have now taken up jogging withy my influence!) and as they are still in the very beginning stages I just bimbled along, doing some sideways work, flicking my heels up etc and at 2 miles I suddenly felt great and cracked on for home. So, feeling quite relieved that, although with not much style, I had retreived 5 of 11 missing miles I was determined to get my long run in yesterday.

Considering I had been somewhat on the wine the night before I made sure I was well re-hydated (as it turned out too hydrated, and needed a wee all the way round) and set of on a lovely bright but cold afternoon. It wasn't too bad, shins niggled a bit but all in all I was pleased and got home in 1hr 12m 55s which, although is near enough the same time I ran the 7.5 race in, is a lot faster than the first time I attempted my 7m run when it took me 1hr 17m. So, that was pleasing and having a good read of Runners Magazine cheered me on no end. Oh, and I also paid a visit to Coventry Runner to get some Gait Analaysis, who confirmed that I am indeed a neutral runner and my trainers are the correct type, which is good. However, I did feel pretty stupid when I realised that yes I have definately run in excess of 500 miles in them (probably more like 800 in the other pair) and that they are knackered which won't be helping at all. So, not good on the wallet, but when I go and purchase some new trainers this week hopefully good on the shins. I have also invested in a proper re-freezable ice pack (bloody running costs more than my horse does to keep!).

So what have I learned - Stretching must be done, trainers must be changed, body must be listened too, problems cannot be ignored and that I probably won't won't run this marathon with much style, but that if I don't take the correct steps I won't run it at all which in my mind is never going to be an option.

Heres to a better week,


Happy Training!


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