Pressing the re-set button...

Posted on: 17 Jun 2010

is what I am hoping this weekend will do for me....

We are off to Portugal for a wedding, its a very short break and we fly back Tuesday morning but I am hoping it will just give my head a break. As those who read my blog will know my horse had been lame for quite sometime, and this was one of the reasons I decided to run the Marathon as knowing I couldn't ride her it seemed like the best time to crack on with it. After seven months box rest she came sound and I started riding her again (just before the marathon, much to my physio's horror!), then about three weeks ago I was unsure that she was still OK, so I sent her back to the big vets in Newmarket to re-asses her. They found that although the original injury has healed with the box rest, in the meantime her arthritis has taken over somewhat and also caused several subsequent problems. It was all very glum and she came home all banaged and went back out in the field a few days later. Last week she developed a very swollen back leg, which seemed to be attributed to the steroids she had been injected with at Newmarket, and it just spiralled from there really. This time last week I took her to the vets, where she stayed all weekend, and I am very sad to say that on Monday afternoon I made the decision that enough was enough for her.

I have always known that I would put her down if I thought she was suffering, but I have to say I was not quite prepared for feeling as empty as this. But then I have had a horse since I was 12 years old, and what you don't realise is the huge amount of time they take from your daily life, which at the time can seem like a real drag, but then whens its suddenly gone it is a very strange feeling, a bit like being cut adrift.

Anyway, I know will get over it but what with everything going on I have not run since my lovely PB, which was almost two weeks ago now, and am feeling like I am right back at the start of my running career all over again! However, I will have no excuse from here on in, as I now need another full time hobby so this would seem the perfect time to take this running malarky a little more seriously!

Thanks you to those of you on Facebook who have sent kind messages, it has been much appreciated.

Happy Training



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