Northampton Road Runnners

Posted on: 19 Mar 2009

What can I say - I really feel like I'm in the zone now.

Last night I returned to Moulton to make a committment to running with Northampton at least once a week. The early morning thing really isn't working, & I haven't been to the gym for a couple of weeks now; although I'm not convinced that working on your own in a gym is really that good - it's too easy to ease off, slow down etc etc

I was a little nervous before I got there; I'm certainly not at the level I was when I went along last year. Then I got there early, & everyone was talking about the runs they did at the weekend, the shortest of which was the Silverstone half marathon. OMG - what have I let myself in for, sitting there in my £6.99 joggers & high viz jacket, I looked like a Romanian truck driver.

We left out about 7.30 & headed off on a route which seemed like miles when they were talking about it, although there were a couple of spots where you could take a shortcut back. I ran with a small group at quite a comfortable pace &, what can I say, only bloody ran all the way. Just over 7 miles in an hour & a quarter.

My right knee aches a little this morning, bizzarely I didn't sleep too well last night, & I did feel a little guilty getting home at nearly nine, but overall I'm absolutelty over the moon with what I managed to achieve. Running with others definately makes a hell of a difference. And to think, my goal for May 14th was to complete Pitsford - I managed it last night!!!!

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