And now my blog comes to an end

Posted on: 22 Sep 2009

So the time has come. The GNR has been & gone. My weight hasn't dropped very much. My training regieme didn't really develop as I thought it would (possibly because of my love of things that are all bad for me). But what a fantastic sense of achievement I'm feeling. And I definately feel much fitter & healthier than I did at the start of the year.

2hrs 00mins 00secs. Is this a good time? If you'd have asked me some months ago, I'd have said that my finsh time would be less than this. But since I didn't train throughout August, & having experienced the crowds at this FANTASTIC event, I'm very pleased with it. However, I have to send out my most sincere appologies to all the fellow runners I bumped into after deciding to up my pace at about 11 miles. I'm sure they wouldn't be too upset with me if they knew that I managed to recover over 3 minutes in the last 2.1 miles.

But I'm not sure I will be signing off my blog here. The GNR was my goal, but in getting here I've made lots of new friends, had some great experiences & thoroughly loved it. So all I need to do now is find a new goal. I've registered to enter next year's event, & am trying to persuade friends to do it with me. Although I don't have very much time outside of work for training, I could possibly be persuaded to enter the FLM (even though my wife doesn't want me to). And I'm definately going to continue attending the running club.

Finally, my favourite things about the weekend :

1. Arriving at the start line & being blown away by it. It felt more like a rock concert.

2. The red arrows flying overhead at the start. Totally unexpected & such an awesome boost of energy.

3. Squirting kids on the roadside with my water bottle.

4. Finishing with SOOOO much energy. Absolutely unexpected & a such a great feeling.

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