Silverstone - my first 10k

Posted on: 06 May 2009

So this is the morning after the night before, except this time I'm not nursing a hangover.

First, the weekend went really well. The football was great; both Andrew & I both had a great time. On the morning of the match I managed to go for a run, following a route I used to run when I was much younger &, dispite a short walk at one point, managed to complete just over 5 miles in about 40 mins. This in turn made me feel much better about myself, & set me up for what proved to be a great day.

Then last night at Silverstone. The calves started to ease during the day which gave me high hopes for the race. My plan to eat a decent lunch went out of the window however, as we had a busy day in the shop (sorting stuff rather than with customers unfortunately). I was counting down all day, getting away from work at about 4pm to ensure I had plenty of time to get home & then to Silverstone.

As it turned out, we arrived at the circuit over an hour before the race start. I checked in, pinned my number to my vest, Andrew ate numerous pieces of cake & flapjack, we went for a stroll, did some people watching, complained about the cold wind etc etc. But the time seemed to go by, & before long I was making my way to the start line.

It was good to meet up with the others from Northampton Road Runners at the start, who as it turned out I would have probably completed the race with if my shoe lace hadn't come undone within the first km. What a PRAT!!!!! Not checking my laces before the start - bet I won't do that again.

The right calf gave me problems between 4 & 6km, & I could quite easily have pulled up after the first circuit, but I didn't & somehow it wore off after 6km. My finishing time - well I timed it at 52 mins, but I'll be looking at the website later today to se what my official chipped time was.

Overall, I'm starting to really bet a buzz out of this. Sunday taught me what a difference it can make to your day doing exercise first. And having Tracey & Andrew there last night made it really great coming over the line to see them there. When he slipped under the barrier to join me at the finish gave me a really great feeling.

So to Bedford in 2 weeks.

PS not sure if I'll make club this evening. I've needed the Tiger Balm this morning

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