MK 1/2 on Sunday - getting nervous now!!!

Posted on: 24 Jul 2009

I've just read my last blog entry & then realised I've only been out running once since then.

Now I realise that the reason I entered this race was just to test my endurance over the distance, but I'm starting to think I simply haven't done enough.  I'm not in it to break any records; infact, if I can complete the route in around 2 hours then I'll be delighted. But all my club runs have been around 5-7 miles, so I must be conscious not to go off too fast & burn out after an hour.

A couple of club members who are generally slower than me are hopefully taking part, so my plan is to catch up with them & use their pace/experience to carry me through.

Another angle on this Sunday however is that I fail dramatically, or that I complete it but only with horrendous aches & pains, as it could be the kick up the arse I need to get some serious training in before the GNR in September.

Oh well. Here goes. Fingers crossed. Day off on Monday to celebrate (or recover, depending on the outcome) so I'll be back posting on tuesday.


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