Posted on: 19 May 2009

Another really great day out, even though the rain did come down quite a lot. Thankfully I remembered to wear my contact lenses instead of glasses, else I wouldn't have been able to see a thing, & probably would have spent the entire hour pushing them up my nose.

Just under 62 mins, which I think is a couple of minutes ahead of my Silverstone time, on a course which was much more undulating & carrying what seemed like 4-5lbs of extra weight in rain water (& that was just in my shoes & socks).

The calves have held off which is a good thing, even though the left one seemed to tighten slightly on 10-11k, it was the right one which felt worse an hour after the race.

Many congratulations to Adam who managed to come in 7th with 50 mins - fit git!!!!!

Now looking forward to the Bedford 6 tonight - that is if I can manage to get some sleep. Can't imagine what kept me awake tonight........

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