My bloody calf muscles

Posted on: 22 Mar 2009

I've been on a high since Tuesday. People can't believe it when I tell them the route I ran. But I know how far it was, & I've kept going over it in my mind since, remembering each corner, each hill & how I managed to keep going with what seemed relative ease.

So this morning I'd planned to do a similar distance. Why not - I've already achieved it, so although I'll be running solo (well, OK, me & my Ipod) the fact that I've already done it will keep me going each time I think it's time for a rest.

I didn't drink last night (AGAIN - that's two Saturday nights in a row), went to bed pretty early for a Saturday & was focused on the morning.

I'm up in good time, fairly well rested & feeling pretty good about going out. The route's planned, I do some stretches & of I go. For the first couple of miles it's going well, breathless at first but soon run that off. And then it bloody hits me - my left calf muscle just gives way. OUCH!

Now this happened last Sunday, but I seemed to be able to walk it off within 5 mins. Not today. Walking did seem to ease it, but once I started to jog again the pain was a killer. That was it - a walk for 3 miles all the way home. If I'd had a phone, I would have called for someone to pick me up. This has to be the lowest I've felt since starting training. Please - someone tell me how I can get over this & get back out ASAP.

I'm really worried now for Wednesday. Dare I go. What if it happens again then. I really need some advice on how to repair this strain. Bugger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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