Upsetting the neighbours - Harborough 5

Posted on: 17 Jun 2009

To the lady whose house I parked outside at the Harborough 5 last night. I'm very sorry for leaving my car outside your house for the 45-50 mins it was there, as I could tell it truly offended you by the tone of your voice when you asked me to move it. I can assure you that I did return to move it straight after registering, as I promised I would, but because of a mix-up between me & my wife I was unable to as she had the keys & I didn't know where she was.

However, can I suggest that if you want to ensure that no-one parks outside your precious home, that you perhaps consult with the local authorities as they can provide methods of temporary roadside no-parking notices. Furthermore, making demands on people who are actually in the 'right' only serve to create ill-feeling on the part of the recepient of your 'tongue-lashing' & will often result in the opposite of what you're trying to achieve.

It was 7.20pm. The race starts @ 7.45. I've a completed entry form & number retained from Silverstone. But we're driving in circles around Market Harborough with a satnav that has no signal, looking for Gartree Prison which we assumed (wrongly) would be signposted. We knew it was north of where we were, but that was it.

Finally Tom Tom decided to help, & we arrive just after half past. After an incident with a cross between Susan Boyle & a Rotweiller (see above), I leave the family & run to registration, joining a queue of some number to hand in my completed form & £7. Registed & then run back to the car, expecting Tracey to be in toe-to-toe combat with my nemisis, only to find her gone. (secretly, I'd have loved it if she'd demanded Tracey move the car, as I know there's no way she'd have driven it there, & boy can she give as good as she gets).

So a run back to the start (I've done a mile already), manage to find Trace & Drew (who's found the cake stall & has cheeks like a hamster), a quick pee in the bushes & off to the start. There was a good turn-out fom the club, as there was generally. Quick chat - I'm starting to feel truly welcomed by almost everyone now - & we're off.

Overall, I felt the race went quite well. Having only eaten a re-heated burger all day (something my body reminded me several times throughout the run), perhaps my preparation in that department hadn't been the best, & it was over 20 degrees, so 38m40s wasn't too bad in the circumstances. But I still think I've got 35mins in me. 4th out of our club, so an enjoyable evening.

Could I have run it two & a half times around - probably not. So I'm in no illusion that I'm anywhere near a half marathon yet

One final comment. Tracey helped out a runner who collapsed over a speed hump only yards from the finish line. My heart goes out to the poor young lad who, I'm told, was coming in under 30 mins, but was in one hell of a state.

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