An update now I'm a year older

Posted on: 15 May 2013

So the years move along - much like an oil tanker heading toward a cliff; I know the end's coming, but there's bugger all I can do to stop it.

However, the trips to the gym & the change in diet is a desparate attempt to make the journey toward the cliff feel more pleasurable. Except it doesn't feel that way when you're on a spin cycle at 7.10am.

Since the last post Drew & I have kept up our 2-3 visits to the gym each week (more 2 than 3, & some of those have been for just a swim). But every one has been a pleasure, & I actually think he's started to recognise me again around the house. Surely I was never a teenager like this.

And Drew's started to receive compliments from family & friends about his appearance, which has really given him a boost & in turn delighted me.

Finally, yesterday was my 45th birthday. At least I think it's 45 - perhaps I should cut off my leg & count the rings. After a bad start to the day, things did progressively improve, climaxing in a great gym/swim followed by a gorgeous chinese meal with the family & some lovely gifts and cards.

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