A real sense of achievement

Posted on: 14 May 2009

Today was my target for completing a lap of Pitsford reservoir since I've been 'in training' (circa 7 miles) & I completed it in just over 55 mins.

After going to club last night & running around 6 cross country, I was thinking that today wasn't the right day to attempt it; but last night's run went well. No aches, top end of the C's, altogether felt good. And it was good that Kris (my son in law) came along to give me more incentive.

So this morning. Just before 9 I arrived I surveyed the expanse that is the reservoir & began to wonder "why?" - it seemed sooooooo huge. But it went well. And now I feel real satisfaction that I've achieved my first goal. Next one - MK half marathon in July.

Notes to self :

1. Sort out the tunes on my I-pod. Possibly the first time I've run solo & not took time to play with the play order, & what a bizarre mix of tunes I've got. Never allow I-tunes to select via the genius button ever again.

2. Do something to stop my nipples rubbing. 

3. Make more time to do it again & again. I bloody loved it. 

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